Dear Sheryl,

Mother’s Day is Sunday and our hearts are hurting because we know that this year your Mother’s Day won’t be the day it was supposed to be; it won’t be the day that it should be. 

Mother’s Day is a day that every mother should feel celebrated and supported, special and loved. And since it might be hard for you to feel those special feelings this year, we thought maybe we could help.

You’ve been a role model for so many of us—perhaps some of our experiences, tragedies and triumphs can shed some light and hope on your current experience. 

And maybe, just maybe, we can be role models for you. You certainly deserve it.

Some of us want to say we’re sorry for what you’re going through.
Some of us want to share words of wisdom and uplifting thoughts.
Some of us want to tell you that we’ve been there and you’ll find your way through it.

We simply couldn’t go another day without saying something

Mothers of the world have gathered in this space to reach out to you to lift you up during a difficult time…to come together as the sisterhood of motherhood and do what we do best—nurture.     

Sheryl, we hope you find comfort in our sentiments, our experiences and our love. We hope this becomes a place you can go when you need a break, when you need a breather, when you need some support.  

All of us

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